Cosina OEM cameras

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This is a work in progress.

From its earliest years, the Japanese firm Cosina manufactured cameras on an OEM basis for rebranding by other camera companies or retail distributors.[1] This page attempts to link to articles for camera models known or believed to have been manufactured by Cosina. Any documentary evidence for additions to this list would be appreciated and please use the discussion page to provide links.



To be added


based on Cosina Hi-Lite

based on Cosina Hi-Lite DL(?)

based on Cosina CSM/ CSR

K-mount SLR

rebadge or restyled Cosina CT-1/ CT-1A/ CT1G/CT1 Super

rebadged Cosina CS-1

rebadged Cosina CT-10/ CT-20 (basic autoexposure)

rebadged Cosina CT-2/ CT-3 (same with 16-LED speed readout)

rebadged Cosina C1s or with additional features

Multiple exposures, depth of field preview, combined ASA/shutter speed dial, spot metering, etc.

  • RBT 3D SLR X4 (stereo camera modification using two Cosina bodies)

based on Cosina C2 (autoexposure)

prototype, mixing model features


  1. "OEM" is the the term used in Cosina's own company history pages. OEM may have varying meanings in different industries (e.g. for computers or car manufacturing); and when considering Cosina's strong in-house camera engineering, the term "ODM" might be more accurate.


Provided for additional research leads, although some of these lists may contain errors