Cosina CT-1A

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The Cosina CT-1A is a manual-focus 35mm SLR from Cosina. It accepts K mount type lenses. It is nearly the same as the Cosina CT-1 but replaces that model's analog meter needle with a match-LED exposure indicator ( + O - ) at the side of the viewfinder. This also necessitated the use of two LR44 or SR44 batteries, rather than the single mercury cell of the earlier model.

It has a vertically-traveling focal plane shutter with speeds from 1s to 1/1000 with B. Flash sync is at 1/125 a sec. The self-timer is mechanical with a delay of approx 10 sec. It features a open-aperture TTL metering in a center-weighted pattern, utilizing two CdS cells. The meter has a range of 3 to 18 EV at (ASA 100). Capable of using film speeds from 25 to 1600 ASA. The film transport uses a film advance lever and a rewind crank.

Cosina's followup model the CT1 Super upgraded the top shutter speed to 1/2000 second, but is otherwise similar.