Cosina CT1 Super

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The CT1 Super is a manual-focus, manual-exposure SLR from Cosina utilizing the popular K-mount bayonet for its lenses. This model is an evolution of the earlier CT-1 and CT-1A with an increase of its top shutter speed to 1/2000 second. There is also a new plastic handgrip. The camera has a mechanical, vertically-traveling metal shutter which does not depend on batteries; however two SR44 or LR44 cells provide power for the match-LED meter circuit.

Flash sync is at 1/125 sec. The film-advance lever must be pulled slightly outwards from the camera body before a half-press on the shutter release will light the exposure-indicator LEDs. This is designed to prevent draining the meter batteries when the camera is put inside a carrying case.

The CT1 Super lacks a depth-of-field preview function; however with its good shutter specs and inclusion of a self-timer, some might consider it a more versatile beginner/student SLR than the venerable Pentax K1000.

A (later?) version of the CT1 Super exists with a more flattened-looking pentaprism housing, and with a superscript star after the model name on the front panel. There do not appear to be any functional differences, however.

The Cosina CT1G shares the same styling (particularly the handgrip) and the two models are covered in the same owner's manual. However the CT1G's top shutter speed is limited to 1/1000 second like the CT-1A, and it lacks the self-timer of the "Super" version. This model is also known to have two versions with taller versus flatter pentaprism housings.

The Miranda MS-1 Super, Petri GX-1 Super, and the Revue SC 4 are straight rebadgings of the CT1 Super. More generally, the CT1 Super established a template for a simple no-frills 35mm SLR which Cosina soon restyled and relabeled prolifically under contract to other companies. The Nikon FM10, Chinon CM-7, Ricoh KR-5 Super II, numerous Vivitar SLRs, plus countless others ultimately descend from the basic kit of parts Cosina assembled in this model.