Cosina C1s

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The Cosina C1s is a 35mm SLR made by Cosina, whose products are more typically seen rebranded under other names.

While a manual-focus, manual-exposure camera may seem like a throwback in the 21st century, some users (and instructors of photography) still appreciate a camera that emphasizes the essentials, not unlike the venerable Pentax K1000. The C1s also uses the K-mount lens standard, and so can mount a wide variety of lenses dating back to 1975. On the more modern side, the vertically-traveling shutter reaches 1/2000 sec., and syncs with electronic flash at 1/125 sec. The shutter is mechanical and does not require batteries to operate; power is only required to illuminate the meter display LEDs in the viewfinder.

Both silver and black finish versions were sold.

The Cosina C1 is the same camera, but lacking a self-timer. The C2 and C3 are similar-looking SLRs but offering electronic-shutter autoexposure. The C1s is a continuation of the features Cosina originally developed for the CT1 Super, but here the styling has been modernized and the ISO selector combined with the shutter-speed dial. Name variations have appeared as the Dakota RZ-2000, or Promaster 2000PK Super, among other names.