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A few accessories such as mount adapters, filters, flash units and conversion lenses have appeared under the branding Seimax—apparently all originating in Japan. Camera lenses of 28mm and 35mm focal lengths in M42 mount have also appeared with Seimax branding.

Camera lenses bearing the related brand[1] Seimar or Seimar-Donnex are seen much more frequently, in a wide range of lens mounts and focal lengths. The zoom options include a somewhat unusual 40-85mm f/3.5 lens.[2]

At least two SLR cameras for K mount lenses have appeared under the Seimax name:

  • Seimax SV-7 (outwardly appears to be a rebadged Cosina CT1G)
  • Seimax SV-9 (outwardly appears to be a rebadged Cosina CT-10)


  1. In online listings where photos of the packaging are visible, both brands have used a similar all-caps logotype with a characteristic run-together E and I.
  2. An online sale listing in Malaysia shows different views of this, via the Wayback Machine.