Jump to: navigation, search Ross Orr, hailing from the town where Argus cameras were made. I also answer to "Vox."

I'm interested in classic mechanical cameras of the late 1950s and early 1960s. I have a small stash of useful primary materials, in the form of vintage camera magazines from the period. (Let me know if you're looking for a specific piece of information and I might be able to help.)

I also shoot photos with a wide range of cameras, which you could check out at my Flickr photostream.

I sporadically blog about film-camera tech at

I've worn a few different hats in life. I wrote some articles for MAKE: magazine; did restoration of natural areas (including setting the world on fire—don't worry, I promise it's White Hat); I've sold some photography; and I often seem to be building something, whether little, medium, or big.


If this last decade has proved anything, it's that crowdsourcing can achieve amazing power and value. In some cases (e.g. Wikipedia) the result is unambiguously beneficial. But with this power comes temptation and greed—which we see in the creeping amorality of Facebook and Google; the swallowing of Flickr by Yahoo... and yes, the sale of Camerapedia to Wikia.

Those who give their time, energy, and skills freely should not wake up one day to find the rules of the game suddenly rewritten to exploit them. It was this moral irritation which caused me to get involved in the forking of the Camerapedia project, to which I had previously been only a minor contributor.

I am in a strange position here, as I would be the first to admit I am not skilled at wiki markup syntax, web server administration, or any other relevant skill. All I am able to do is encourage the work of others, and perhaps contribute my writing and photo-selecting abilities to the wiki and help it keep growing.

In the longer term one of my goals is to make Camera-wiki less daunting and confusing to newcomers: Adding more help and explanations, model pages that can be copied, and adding a FAQ section.


As I have been clicking willy-nilly all over Flickr, searching for camera images, I'm often entertained what shows up with a particular keyword search. For your amusement, here are a couple: