Cosina CT-10

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The CT-10 is an SLR introduced by Cosina circa 1980. Among Cosina's models offering aperture-priority autoexposure, this is the most stripped-down model. There are no manual shutter-speed settings available, besides "B" and the X-sync speed of 1/100th second; and the metering display is simply a few LED "stop lights" which do not indicate what shutter speed will be selected. The electronically-timed, vertically-traveling metal shutter ranges from 4 to 1/1000 seconds and requires power from two 1.5 silver-oxide batteries. There is no provision to attach a power winder, and no PC socket. The CT-10 also lacks the self-timer or backlight compensation button of the CT-20, a model which otherwise is quite similar (they are covered in the same owner's manual).

The camera's hot shoe has an additional contact, which when attaching an appropriate dedicated flash (Cosina Auto-160 or Auto-220) can force the camera to its X-sync speed even when set to "auto"; also lighting an "F" in the viewfinder when the flash is fully charged.