Argus STL 1000

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After Argus Camera found it impossible to compete in the market with its US-built cameras, the company decided to offer SLRs made for them by Japanese manufacturers; but confusingly, changed plans several times. Argus STL 1000 was the branding briefly used on two models, which bracket the more successful Argus/Cosina STL 1000.

The first was evidently a rebadging of the Cosina Hi-Lite; but the Cosina branding only appears on the lenses and not the body.[1] This version is easily identified by the location of the shutter speed dial on the front face of the camera.

The second was a Petri FTX (aka Petri TTL), a camera introduced in 1974. This model is identified by its angled shutter-release button on the front of the camera, and front-facing battery compartment.

All versions named STL 1000 use 42mm screwmount lenses; but otherwise are very distinct-looking.


  1. The Hi-Lite appeared circa 1968, and versions of this were rebadged by a number of companies.