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The Canon T60 is a 35mm SLR camera introduced in 1990[1]. It is the final model brought out by Canon which uses manual focus FD-mount lenses. By this date, the EOS autofocus SLR line (with its incompatible EF lens mount) was already several years old; yet Canon found that in certain markets there was still demand for a low-cost, back-to-basics model with manual focus, and so had Cosina build the T60 under contract. (WIthin a few months, Canon also introduced the EF-M, an entry-level SLR accepting EF-mount lenses in manual-focus mode only.)

The T60's lightweight build may alienate some fans of Canon's traditional sturdy metal cameras such as the FTb or A-1; but this lighter and more compact model may still appeal to photographers seeking to take advantage of today's attractive prices on used FD-mount lenses.

For a kit lens a T60 typically came bundled with an FD 35-70mm f/3.5-4.5 zoom or an FD 50mm f/1.8 prime. Manual shutter speeds range from 1 to 1/1000 sec. plus bulb. In aperture-priority autoexposure mode, the camera will select shutter speeds from 1/1000 down to 8 seconds. The viewfinder focusing screen has a split-image spot surrounded by a microprism collar. Flash sync is at 1/60 sec. Two LR44/SR44 batteries are necessary to power the shutter and meter circuit. There is no backup mechanical shutter speed which can be used when the batteries go dead.

When the shutter-speed dial of the T60 is set to its red "L" (lock) position, the camera is entirely disabled (to prevent inadvertently draining battery power). At the "A" setting, it is necessary to advance the film and half-press the shutter release in order to light up red LEDs indicating the shutter speed which the camera will select, given the current aperture, ISO setting, and scene illumination. (The chosen aperture is not displayed in the viewfinder.) When a manual shutter-speed selection is made, the viewfinder display becomes rather cluttered and distracting, with one LED indicating "M" mode; another indicating the selected shutter speed, and a blinking LED indicating the meter-recommended shutter setting if this is not the current selection.

The T60 is often grouped together with a the many basic SLRs manufactured by Cosina for sale under the branding of other companies, derived from Cosina's CT-1/CT1 Super platform[2]. However those models use a mechanical shutter not dependent on battery power. Rather, the T60 is the FD-lensmount sister to the autoexposure Cosina C2, considering the two models' identical shutter specs, LED display, and self-timer function.


  1. The Canon Camera Museum gives April, 1990 as the introduction date.
  2. Examples include the Nikon FM10, Olympus OM2000, Chinon CM-7, Vivitar V4000s, and countless others.


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