Phoenix P1

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The New York area company Phoenix had been a distributor of third-party lenses and flashes, when in 1999 they branched out to offer the Phoenix P1 and P2 35mm SLR cameras.[1] These are straight rebadgings of two Cosina models, the C1 and C3, respectively. The manual-exposure P1 has many identical siblings under other branding, such as the Carena 100 SX from Porst. The P2 appears to be quite scarce out in the wild, based on Google searches and eBay listings, and may have had very limited distribution before the Chinese-made Phoenix P-3000 appeared. Cosmetics aside, the P2 is quite similar to the Canon T60 in its features.


  1. As seen in this advertisement in the August 1999 Popular Photography, pg. 9 via Google Books. The ad claims "over 20 years of refinements," a backhanded tribute to Cosina!