Petri MF-2

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The Petri MF-2 is a manual focus 35mm SLR from Petri. It accepts M42 type lenses. It uses two S-76 silver oxide batteries.

Focusing is done manually, with a horizontal split-image micro-prism spot on the focusing screen. It has an electronic, cloth focal plane shutter with speeds from 4s to 1/1000 plus B. A mechanical 1/50 sec. shutter speed M is also offered. Flash sync is at 1/60 a sec. The self-timer has a delay of approx 10 sec. It features a stop-down aperture metering system using two CdS cells. LEDs display −, + and OK indicators in the viewfinder to aid in exposure. The meter has a range of 3 to 18 EV and can be set for film speeds from 25 to 3200 ASA. The film transport uses a manual film advance lever and a rewind crank.

The MF-2 appears to be a rebadging of the Cosina CSM, an early instance of the many Cosina-built "Petri" SLRs.