Promaster 2000PK Super

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The Promaster 2000PK Super (not to be confused with the 2500PK Super) is a 35mm film SLR marketed by a company better known for photo accessories such as tripods and lighting gear. The camera and its Spectrum 7 50mm f/1.9 lens are recognizable as a rebadging of the Cosina C1s—also maker of numerous Vivitar cameras over the years. The model designation refers directly to two of this camera's salient features: a respectable 1/2000 second top shutter speed, and the "PK" lens mount accepting optics from numerous different brands. The shutter is entirely mechanical, and will function without the two LR44 or SR44 button batteries which power the simple match-LED exposure meter. Versions in all black or in silver paint two-tone can be found, and it seems inconsistent whether a PC socket appears below the rewind crank. The 2000PK lacks a depth-of-field preview, but includes a self timer and all the other basics a newcomer to film photography will need in an economical package.