Cosina CT-2

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The Cosina CT-2 is a 35mm aperture-priority autoexposure SLR introduced by Cosina about 1980. It accepts K mount lenses. There are no manual shutter-speed settings other than the X flash sync position, which operates at an unusual 1/85th second, and "B." However compared to simpler models like the CT-20 there is a 16-LED display in the viewfinder to indicate what shutter speed the camera has selected. The vertically-traveling, electronically-timed Copal shutter requires two 1.5-volt silver oxide batteries and can operate from 1/1000 all the way down to 8 seconds. There is a cancelable electronic self-timer with an indicator lamp, which blinks more quickly in the final seconds before exposure.

The Vivitar XV-20 is a rebadging of this model. The CT-2's sister model the CT-3 (described in the same owners manual) additionally accepts dedicated Cosina flash and motor-wind attachments. The CT-3 does however lose the PC socket found alongside the lens mount of the CT-2.