Vivitar XC-2

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The XC-2 was an M42 mount 35mm SLR marketed by Vivitar. It was built by Cosina and is similar to the Cosina CSR from c.1976.[1] Its main claim to fame is the odd Vivitar XC-A accessory auto-exposure unit (rebadging Cosina's AEC adapter), which plugs into a socket above the regular X-sync PC connector and rotates the shutter speed dial with a motor.

A distinguishing feature of this model is that its stop down light metering allows switching between spot and averaging patterns. A half-press of the shutter button closes the lens to shooting aperture, and over/correct/under LEDs at the top of the viewfinder indicate the recommended exposure. A silver button on the front of the camera can then reopen the lens aperture for the brightest viewfinder image. There is an electronic self-time with a countdown LED, and a tab alongside the wind lever which permits multiple exposures.


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