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W. Haking Enterprises Ltd. is a camera and binocular maker based in Hong Kong (China), selling many cameras under the brand Halina. It was founded in 1956, by Dr. Haking Wong (1906-1996) and Dr. Pauline Chan. In 2002 the company was taken over by Dr. Tony Chak-Leung Tai & Dr. Tai-Chin Lo and built a new factory in Xinhui (Guangdong).

Haking gained ownership of the former US brand Ansco, and has also produced many "private label" cameras which appear under other brands. Halina and Ansco camera products are distributed today in the UK, Ireland, the Middle East and Africa by a company named Halina Imaging, which belongs to the British photographic distribution company SPS Logistics.

Older cameras from Haking may be marked as "Empire made" : 222194885_de0db67620_t.jpg

35mm film cameras


  • Haking L80
  • Haking HG1 (Cosina)
  • Haking HG2 (Cosina)

Viewfinder, manual focus

Fixed or auto-focus

126 film cameras

Disc film cameras

Note: parallel models also exist under Ansco branding

110 film cameras

APS film cameras

127 film cameras

The Haco-44, name variant of the Toyoca-44 made by Tougodo, is sometimes attributed to Haking by mistake.[1]

120 film cameras

6×6 TLR


Digital cameras

  • Halina digital camera
  • Halina DVC 300 Digi Pix
  • Halina DVC 500 Digi Pix

Super 8 movie film cameras

  • Halina Super 8 Empire
  • Halina Super Eight
  • Halina Super 8 EE
  • Halina Super 8 EE Zoom
  • Halina Super 8 Compact
  • Halina Super 8 Compact EE
  • Halina PS 200 RD
  • Halina PS 300 RD
  • Halina PS 400 RD
  • Haking 1000 S
  • Haking 2000 S


  • Halina DV3000F Digi Pix



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