Halina Autoflash 35

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35mm compact zone focus viewfinder camera produced by Haking with built in Flash. The camera has a low light LED in viewfinder which encourages user to trigger the flash. This is done in 2 steps firstly by pressing red button on front to manually pop out flash and then switching on by switch on top. Camera has manual film advance and is threaded for cable release.

The camera requires 2xAA batteries for flash and button cell for metering.

The camera shares features seen on the Haking Autoflash 35 which has a larger 40mm 1:2.8 lens. A version of the 40mm model has been also seen branded Halina Autoflash 35. The Haking H400 is a simpler fixed focus version.


  • Lens: 38mm Halinar 4 element coated lens 1:2.8
  • Focus: Zone focus (4 zones)
  • Meter: CdS
  • Exposure: automatic
  • Film speeds 25-400ASA in 1 stop steps