Halina Flash 300

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The Halina Flash 300 is a relatively rare simple plastic 35mm viewfinder camera with fixed focus and built in flash, manufactured by Haking. The camera was followed by the similar but better known Halina Flash 350 and was used as the basis of the Hanimex 35S. The user sets one of the 2 aperture dependant on weather and film speed by a switch on the front of the camera. The flash is manually triggered and there is no metering or low light warning. The camera is cable threaded. The model is also known as the Halina H 300 (not to be confused with the 126 Film Halina 300)

The Camera seems also to be related to the Haking Flash-Lite G.


  • Lens: Halinar 38mm 1:4
  • Batteries: 2xAA