Haking Grip-C

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The Haking Grip-C is a light black pocket camera for 110 film cartridges. It looks like a plastic box since its cover hides and protects all camera elements when closed. The opened cover can be removed or used as grip to hold the camera with the left hand. This feature neither helps to hold the camera tighter nor simplifies holding it with only one hand. With a little slide switch two different small apertures are selectable, one for film speed ASA 400 with sunlight, the other for film speed ASA 100, dark sky or flash. The camera has a connector for single-use flash bulb sets of the flip-flash type. The flash is fired piezo-electrically by pressing the red shutter release button so that the camera needs no battery. The camera has a thin thumb wheel for film advance.

It was also one of Haking's OEM products. For example it was offered as CTC 110 pocket, in metallic blue color and DIN 21 and DIN 27 as film speed selections instead of the equivalent ASA values. The Halina 110 Auto-Flip has only minor cosmetic differences from the Grip-C.