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The Viceroy was a Pseudo TLR roll-film box camera produced by Haking starting around 1960 in Hong Kong. It was offered in several name variants, such as Kinoflex De Luxe, and Star-Lite (no relation to the Taisei Kōki-made 35mm camera).

The lens plate is labelled "HAKING'S SUPER REFLEX" below the taking lens. The camera offers 2 picture formats - a twelve 6x6cm images on 120 film or by using a removable mask 24 half frames on 120 film at 36x24mm frames (oddly same size as 135 film frames). The lens is labeled "Haking's Double Meniscus F:8."

The shutter and aperture controls are operated by knobs on either side of the lenses, imitating the Rolleiflex (among other costlier true TLRs). However the aperture only offers the settings of f/8, f/11 and f/16 ; and the shutter only B & I . The camera has a flash synch connector.

A similar camera, with the same body and lens, was the Halina Prefect, of 1960.

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