Halina Silhouette Zoom

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The Halina Silhouette Zoom series are a range of similar 35mm fixed focus compact cameras with a zoom produced by Haking. They are also sold under Ansco and other brandings

The original Halina Silhouette Zoom features a 28-52 mm power zoom lens, motorwind (and motor rewind), DX coding, timer and a button for fill in/red eye flash. It originally had a a mechanical counter but later versions feature a LCD. There is no lens cover or cap with the lens being protected by coated transparent screen. It is still listed on W.Haking's website as in production as the ZME1300/LCD series and as having a 4 Element Lens. Sylvain Halgand describes the camera as having a maximum f/4.5 aperture at 28mm. The camera is powered by a CR123A Lithium battery.

It is also branded as Halina Ansco Silhouette Zoom, Halina Vision Mini MZ & Tegra Zoom.

The Halina Silhouette Zoom/D added a data back to the above camera

The Halina Silhouette Zoom II features a 28-54mm zoom and has a lens cover. It has a LCD display and has similar specification to the original model. Haking list it as a current model (ZME1351) in the ZME1350 series. The site also indicates a data back version is available