Halina 6-4

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The Halina 6-4 is a basic viewfinder camera made by Haking in Hong Kong. It has a focal-plane mask, allowing it to be set for taking either twelve 6×6cm or sixteen 4×4cm images on 120 film - and there are two viewfinders and two red windows to accommodate the two sizes. The film plane is curved slightly.

The lens is labelled "Halina Achromat", with a maximum aperture of f/8, and Waterhouse stops for f/11 and f/16. The manual describes the lens as made from Chance Pilkington glass. The front-element focus is marked into three zones.

The shutter has 2 settings I (1/50sec in the manual) and B (Bulb), with double-exposure prevention interlock with the winder. Flash can be connected using a PC plug.

The body has a lever in the base, detaching the back and baseplate for film loading. A small folding foot is built in to the bottom of the lens barrel to support the camera when standing on a flat surface.