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The Cortina 500 is a viewfinder camera for 35mm film. It was made in Hong Kong, originally as Halina 500 by Haking. It is similar to the Olympus Trip 35 but uses a battery powered CdS metering system. It was launched in 1972.

The Brenner Auto 2000 appears to be a rebadged version

All 3 cameras have an Anastigmat F=40mm 1:2.8 lens and are zone focused by 4 pictograms but unlike the Olympus Trip 35 they cannot be seen from the viewfinder.

The CdS-controlled shutter has speeds from 1/40-1/200 sec in automatic mode (marked A). The shutter release will be locked in automatic mode when light is too dim and a red flag will appear in the viewfinder. The aperture range is from f/2.8 to f/22. There is no off switch so capping of the lens is needed to preserve battery life. The metering system requires a now defunct PX625 mercury cell but modern equivalents are available.

The ASA speed of the film is set on ring around the lens (up to 400ASA).

The shutter button sits on the front of the camera but there is a cable release thread on the top.

The aperture can be set from f/2.8 to f/22 for use with flash. Both a hot shoe and a PC socket are provided. In flash mode the shutter operates at its lowest speed. With metering system operational, the aperture setting only determines the widest possible aperture size as the CdS system will still limit aperture opening depending on light levels. Without a battery in the metering system, the aperture will open to the designated size allowing the camera to be used as a fully manual camera.

There is a standard tripod mount on base. The film compartment is opened with a switch on the side near the base.

The camera was succeeded by the Halina 35-600 which was also sold as the Prinz Saturn 35 Auto in the UK by Dixons.