Haking Compact-SC

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A model that resembles the famous Cosina CX-1, also known as Praktica and LOMO.

Instead of turning the lens protecting door, this one slides up to reveal the lens and switch power on. It was built by Halina in Hong-Kong.

Technical specifications (taken from original manual):

  • 135 film type
  • 38mm f/3.5 lens
  • fully coated 3 elements in 3 groups lens construction
  • shutter speed fixed at 1/125 sec.
  • automatic aperture setting
  • automatic flash charge and use
  • fixed focus
  • direct view viewfinder
  • single stroke film transport
  • 2x AAA battery holder
  • size: 111 x 69 x 49 mm
  • weight: 230 grams