Halina Vision Smart

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The Halina Vision Smart is a simple 35mm fixed focus viewfinder camera made by Haking. It is one of the Vision series of simple cameras that Haking made. The model is still shown on Haking's website as an example of HME1090 model. The camera is notable for a big viewfinder and motordrive although to rewind the film at end you must manually engage a switch on base.

A near identical Halina Smart S exists (pictured). It is unclear how this differs but appears to have a more obvious sensor point and possible red eye reduction bulb between flash and viewfinder.

The cameras have an auto flash with a manual override for fill in flash.

Specifications from Website:

  • Lens - 28mm f/5.6 - 3 element plastic lens
  • dimension - 120.5(W) x 70.5(H) x 40(D) mm
  • Batteries - 2 x AA - size alkaline
  • Auto battery shut-off