Haking ZM82AE

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The Haking ZM82AE (OEM) or Halina ZM80AE-V2 is a simple compact autofocus zoom camera made by Haking in Hong Kong. It offers shutter speeds up to 1/250 second and 4-stage autofocus. It has a powerful built-in flash. The model for Haking's own brand Halina has a slightly different faceplate.

  • Lens: 1:5.8 - 1:8.9/25 - 50mm zoom (4-element glass)
  • Autofocus: active 4-stage infrared autofocus
  • Film: APS film
  • Exposure: controlled automatically by CdS cell
  • Shutter: program-controlled electronic shutter with speeds 1.5 sec. - 1/250 sec.
  • Viewfinder: real image zooming optical viewfinder with masks to show print format
  • Flash: maximum range 7.2 meters with ISO 400 film and lens in wide-angle position
  • Weight: 190 g without CR2 battery
  • Dimensions 112 x 62 x 37 mm
  • APS extra: PQI data storage