Halina Panorama

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The Halina Panorama is a "focus free" plastic 35mm camera made by Haking. It is evidently the same camera more widely known as the Ansco Pix Panorama, but also sold by Foto-Quelle as the Revue Panorama. It was also sold as the Hanimex Panorama 35, Arico Panorama CL-168 and Suntone MM350.

The film gate in the camera is masked so as to only expose an image of 13×36 mm, rather than the conventional 24×36 mm image size; the viewfinder is cropped to these same proportions. The manual recommends the useage of 400ASA but indicates 200 and even 100asa can be used in sunny conditions.

Haking produced a verison with built in flash called the Halina Panorama-F