Halina 160

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The Halina 160 is a fixed focus camera for 35mm film made by Haking. It is near identical to the Halina 260 in appearance and function.

It has a 33mm lens, a single shutter speed and a lever on the side to select film ISO (100/400/1000) which just changes the aperture. It has a built-in flash, powered by 2xAAA batteries. It was available in several different colours.

There are several rebrands of the 160 or 260 including the Haking Quick, Haking CF35 and Miranda FG-Z with identical or only minor restyling on body. Interestingly the Halina 160 is marked as made in Hong Kong but the FG-Z is marked made in Thailand. A similar version was made for Foto-Quelle as the Revue 150CF but with different ISO settings