Halina Super-Mini 88

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The Halina Super-Mini 88 is an ultra-compact viewfinder cameras for type No. 110 film cassettes made by Haking .The camera was shown at Photokina in 1974. A variant labelled Halina Super-Mini exists with only subtle styling differences in their plastic bodies.

Both are a close match to the Hanimex Mini which was designed by Jerry Arnott and made for Hanimex by Haking. The are all have self-encapsulating camera body concept similar to the Agfamatic 508 sensor (or for that matter, the Minox), but even better since they also enclose the shutter release button when shut.

The camera has to be pulled open to uncover the button, the lens and the viewfinder for the next exposure. The shutter has to be cocked by closing and opening the camera. The camera has a fixed focus & aperture lens (likely 2 element 25mm 1:9.5 if the same as the Hanimex Mini). The shutter is fixed at 1/90 in normal use and 1/50 with Magicube flashcubes.It has a reverse Galilean optical viewfinder.

There are several versions with subtle changes usually in the shutter button. A later gold painted version was made in 1982 and uses Flipflash rather than magicubes.