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Taylor-Hobson are lens and precision instrument manufacturers based in Leicester, England.

The company was founded as T.S. and W. Taylor in 1886 by engineer William & optician Thomas Smithies Taylor. In 1887, W.S.H. Hobson joined the company.

In 1893 they produced their first Cooke lenses, designed by H. Dennis Taylor (no relation to the company founders) - optics manager of T. Cooke & Sons, York. Taylor was attempting to eliminate the aberrations at the outer edge of lenses, and in 1893 patented the Cooke triplet design (British patent no. 1991)[1]. Manufacturing rights were offered to Taylor, Taylor & Hobson, as the company was then known.

In 1932, the first Cooke zoom lens was introduced for cine applications. Around this time, Taylor, Taylor and Hobson was part-owned by Bell and Howell.[2] By 1939, Taylor-Hobson claim to have produced over 80% of lenses for film studios across the world[3]. Like much of the British photographic industry, the company became part of Rank at some time in the '40s.[2]

The company still exists, making lenses and lens measurement equipment, as well as measuring devices used in industrial and medical fields [4]. It is currently part of the US-based Ametek, Inc. The separate lens company, Cooke Optics, also still exists in Leicester.

William Taylor was also responsible for testing golf balls in a wind tunnel, and developing a dimpled golf ball[3].

Taylor, Taylor and Hobson Lenses

  • Adotal
  • Apotal
  • Aviar
  • Cooke Amotal
  • Cooke Portrait Anastigmat
  • Cooke triplet
  • Ental
  • Ortal
  • Roytal
  • Telepanchro[5]
  • Casket sets
    • No. 3 Casket[6]

T-H lenses may be dated from their serial numbers. Taylor, Taylor and Hobson also made Talykron shutters that some of these lenses are mounted in.


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