Image license: Creative Commons (commercial use allowed)

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This image has been licensed under one of the Creative Commons licences. This means that you can redistribute the image under certain restrictions. One such restriction is that you must attribute the image, that is, give credit to its creator ("author") by citing his or her name, artist's name or online-gallery user name. Further restrictions may also apply.

This image is hosted in Flickr, so you will have the exact terms of the specific licence that applies if you click on the image and visit the corresponding Flickr page.

Commercial use of this specific image may be allowed - again, see the specific license on Flickr.

Some images licensed under Creative Commons are inserted into this camera wiki with no author name. This is only allowed if the person who inserted the picture is the author him/herself; although the author's name may be omitted for use of the image within Camera-wiki, the image may not be used elsewhere without attribution. Identifying the author will be one of the prerequisites for any reuse.

To learn more about the Creative Commons licenses, please visit the Creative Commons website.