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The following cameras and finders were designed for and require a 1.35 volt cell: 625 mercury cell, an alternative cell of the correct voltage or an adapter. One cell per camera or finder unless indicated. The exposure meter in these cameras and finder require a 1.35 volt cell to be accurate, and some may require such a cell to work at all.

Manufacturer/Brand Model
Agfa Optima 500 Sensor, Family Camera

Selectronic Sensor/Sensor S, Agfamatic 300/4000/4008
Agfamatic 5008/6008,Optima Sensor Electronic 335/535/1035/5000/5008/6000/6008

1 cell
2 cell
3 cell
Alpa 9d
Argus 270 Insta-Load
Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F
Bell & Howell FD35, Autoload 340/341, Auto Reflex Dial 35
Bronica C2, S2
Canon FT, FTb, FTbn, FT-QL, TX, TLb, EF, F1 (some), Ex, EX EE Auto, A35F, Demi 17, Demi EE 17, Canonet QL17/QL19/19E/25/19E, Canonet New QL17/New QL17L/New QL19/New 28/G-III 17/G-III 19
1 cell
2 cells
Chinon SLR, 1000EL pocket, CS, CXII
Dacora Rapid D101, D202, D404
Edixa LTL, 35MM, Prismat, Amica Auto,TL 1000
Exakta TL1000, RTL1000, Examat & Travemat meter finders
Fuji/Fujica 35FS, 35GP, ST701, ST601, V2 Early ST701s do not work at all with a cell exceeding 1.35v
GAF Corporation L-14, L-17, L-CM, L-CS, Anscomatic 726, Autoset Cds
GAF Bernard Auto 35, Model 503, Viceroy 5000
Hanimex 35EE, 35SL, 120, 620, Compact A
Hasselblad Meter Prism Finder CdS
Kalimar K650, K431 Cds meter, K433 zone meter, Zanit 2000CTL
Keystone K609H, K610H, K616D, K164H, K615H, K1010 Auto
Kiev 60 TTL (2 each)
Kodak AG Retina IIF
Konica AutoReflex T4/TC/Autorex, Auto S/S1.6/S2/S261 meter, EE-Matic, EE-Matic Deluxe F/FM, c35/c35 Flashmatic

FS-1, T4

1 cell
2 cell
Kowa SE, SER, SET, SETR, SETR2, 6, 6 MM, Super 66
Leica CL, M5
Leicaflex SL/SL2/SL-MOT/SL2-MOT
1 cell
2 cell
Minolta SRT 100/101/200/201/202, SR 1/7/7V/100/102/200/201/202, AL-F, AL-E, Autopack 700, Himatic 7/7s/9/11
Minox 2cell
Miranda Sensorex, Automex II/III, F, FM
Nikon F, FTn, FT, T, Tn, Nikkormat FT/FTn/FT2
Olympus 35 series: 35DC/35LC/35RC/35RD/35SC/35SP/35SPN/35UC, EED, Pen FT, FTL, M-1, OM-1, OM-1MD, OM-1n
J.C. Penny SLR2/SLR3
Petri FT, FTIII, F1X, Racer, Petriflex 7
Praktica TL, TL1000, Super TL/TL2/TL3, LTL, LTL3, MTL3, MTL5, Praktica 66 meter, Prakticamat
Ricoh Simplex, Simplex II, SLX 500, TLS 400/EE
Rollei 35, 35S, 35T, 35 Classic, A26, 126, XF35, Rolleiflex SL35, SL35M, SL26
Spiratone Spiraflex TTL
Topcon RE Super, Super DM, 135EE, Uni, Unirex, IC1-Auto
Vivitar 35EE, 35EF, 35ES
Voigtländer VSL-1 35mm SLR, Bessamatic CS, Ultramatic CS, Vitomatic 11 CS, 111 CS, Vitessa 500 S, 1000 SR

Vitessa 500 AE, 500 SE

1 cell
2 cell
4 cell
Yashica MAT 124, MAT 124G, Y12, Y24, Half 14, Lynx 14/14E/ 5000, Minister 700, Minister D, Penta J3/J4/J5/J7
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex 126/SLF, Contaflex Super/Super BC, Contarex Super, Icarex 35S/35CS, SL706

[[Contessa} S310-S312

1 cell
4 cell
Zenit Zenit TTL, Zenit 16, Zenit 18, Zenit 19, Zenit , Zenit Avtomat, Zenit AM, Zenit APK

A separate list of lightmeters and accessories that use these cells is also available

PX675 Cameras

Cameras using PX675 batteries

Manufacturer/Brand Model Notes
Agfa/ANSCO Matic 1010, 1020, 1030
Argus 1015, 1016, 1017, 1036, 1037, Cosina 1038, 1039, STL Reflex
Chinon 35 & 35EE Black Range Finders, CS, CX II, Boom Mike 35FM, 35FEE Compacts
Cosina Cosina 35
Exakta FE2000, Carena Twin TL, Twin TL42
GAF Corporation Memo 35EE, 35ET
Hanimex 35F Compact
Konica EF, EFN Auto S-3, Electron
Autoreflex A,A2, A3, A1000, FTA, N-T3, T, T2, T3, T4, TC
1 cell
2 cells
Mamiya M135
Minolta Hi-Matic 5, 7, Il, C, G, G2, Minolta 16 MGS
Minox Minox B, BL
Miranda Auto Sensorex II, EE, EE II, Sensomat, RE, RE II
Olympus Pen D3
Petri FA-1, FT500, FT 1000, TT II, FTEE, MF-1, Color 35E, Micro Compact
Ricoh 35EF,35EFS
Sears/Tower 7376 (35 AF)
Topcon 135EE
1 cell
2 cells
Vivitar 35CA, 35EE, 35EF, 35ES, 220/SL, 250/SL, 400/SL, 406, 420/SL, 450/SL, SLX650, XV-10,
Yashica 35ME, 35MES, FFT, FX-2, ME-1, MF 1 35MF, 35MFS

PX400 cameras

PX 400 batteries were used by few manufacturers

Manufacturer/Brand Model Notes
Asahi Optical
Spotmatic SP, SPII, SPIIA, SP500, SP1000 These cameras work with modern batteries
Beaulieu CAR8, MCR8, RC9.5, RC16, TCR8 Motion picture cameras