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Edixa was a camera brand name used by the German camera maker Wirgin. In 1953, Wirgin introduced two new cameras: the new viewfinder camera named Edina, which replaced the outgoing Edinex, and a new reflex camera named Komet. Both camera names were legally challenged--the Kodak AG complained about the nearness of the Edina name to Retina, and two camera manufacturers complained about the Komet name because they were already producing cameras by that name. Wirgin's response was to rename both cameras to include the name Edixa: the Edina became the Edixa and the Komet became the Edixa Flex.

A few years later the Wirgin brand name was de-emphasized and the Edixa name was used as the manufacturer's camera brand name, being applied to many products other than the original Edina and Komet camera descendents. Wirgin let a Japanese camera maker produce an Edixa 8mm movie camera. When Wirgin had bought Franka the original cameras of the Frankonian daughter company got the label Edixa. One of the last Edixa SLRs, the Edixa 2 MTL, was developed and manufactured by Cosina in Japan.

Lens maker A. Schacht in Ulm (Germany) named some of his M42 screwmount lenses Edixa-Mat-Travenar since those models were designed for Wirgin's Edixa-Mat SLR cameras. Lens maker Isco in Göttingen did the same, naming lenses for Wirgin Edixa-Iscotar, as Schneider-Kreuznach did with its Edixa-Xenar.

Nowadays the brand name Edixa has been taken over by another camera maker that is offering modern compact cameras and digital cameras. According to hints found in the web that company probably is based in Hong Kong. A digital 1.2 MP miniature zoom SLR of that brand was offered for a short time in 2001. The other cameras are average OEM-like cameras. The early post-Wirgin Edixas are badged "edixa" in a font that is derived from the title of Wirgin's former "edixapost" customers magazine. An example is the Edixa compact 35E of the mid 1970s.