Yashica Minister D

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The Yashica Minister D rangefinder camera was manufactured in Japan beginning around 1964 [1]. The main change from the Yashica Minister III was the new CdS meter cell mounted below the rewind crank. However the light meter remained uncoupled from the exposure settings on the lens barrel. The Minister 700 is a variant of the same camera but with a faster, f/1.7 lens.

The light meter indicator measures light from 3 to 17 LV. To determine the EV, the scale on the meter can be adjusted to match the film ISO.

The lens barrel has an LVS ring to set the exposure level. The ring has LV numbers from 2 to 17. Turning the LVS ring alone adjusts the aperture ring automatically to maintain the same exposure level, giving this camera a kind of shutter-priority mode. Reaching the minimum or maximum aperture will then automatically turn the shutter ring too.


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