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The Keystone Camera Company, a division of the Keystone Manufacturing Co., was founded in Boston, Massachussets, circa 1910. They were an American manufacturer of consumer photographic equipment. Notable products were movie cameras, 126 cartridge and 110 cartridge cameras with built in electronic flash (the "Everflash" series). In the 1930's, they made inexpensive 16mm cameras that are still in use today. They were acquired by Berkey Photo, Inc. in 1966. In 1978, Berkey sold its camera division and thus abandoned this market. The Keystone Camera Company filed for chapter 11 protection in January 1991. Later in 1991, they were purchased by Concord Camera Company for $6.6 million. It was during this period they entered into the disposable, "single use" camera market. Many of their cameras featured built-in electronic flash (an innovative feature for low-end cameras on their early models). They also had in their line some instant cameras using Polaroid film - and a few in other formats such as 35mm and Disc. Keystone was in a infringement suit with Polaroid in 1975 over the patents to their SX70 compatible camera. There was also a Keystone range of cine cameras.


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