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GAF is the camera brand name adopted by Ansco after 1967. (This was an acronym for General Aniline & Film, which had been the parent corporation's name for decades.) Some GAF cameras were also branded Anscomatic. GAF was also the corporate owner of Lenco Photo Products, Inc., a company that distributed photographic gear under the brand name of Lentar.

GAF was not a major manufacturer as such, but became the brand used in the US and UK for marketing cameras (including cine cameras) built by other companies to their specifications. GAF bought the View-Master stereo viewer line and continued it under their own brand.

GAF sold several 35mm SLRs, rangefinders and viewfinder cameras. The SLRs and rangefinders were made by Chinon or Cosina, and were functionally the same as Chinon models. Other formats may have been made by Petri, but the cheapest models typically came from Haking in Hong Kong. Haking finally bought the company (and the Ansco brand) in 1978.


GAF-branded SLRs

GAF-branded 35mm cameras

GAF-branded 110, 126, and 127 cameras

GAF movie cameras

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