Canon EOS 5Ds

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The Canon EOS 5Ds was introduced in June 2015. It was the first DSLR with a 50 Megapixel image sensor with the full 24×36mm frame size known from 35mm film. Its image processing firmware even reduces chromatic abberations since the sensor's resolution reaches the limits of even some good Canon lenses.

The camera was introduced 15 years after the Canon EOS D30 which was the first DSLR for the advanced amateur or semi-professional use with a body like common modern autofocus SLR. The D30's sensor was smaller and gave only 3 Megapixels, but its basic design was almost similar to that of Canon's new 50 Megapixel bomb 5Ds. Even more surprising: Weight and dimensions are almost equal !!!

Canon EOS 50s (2015): resolution 50 MP, dimensions 152×116×76 mm, weight 848 g

Canon EOS D30 (2000): resolution 3 MP, dimensions 150×107×75 mm, weight 840 g


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