Canon EOS 400D

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Three years after the introduction of the original Digital Rebel, (Canon EOS 300D, the original sub-$1000 DSLR) Canon released the third in its Digital Rebel line, the 400D (also named Digital Rebel Xti or Canon EOS Kiss Digital X). Its compact and lightweight body design is almost exactly the same as the previous Digital Rebel (Canon EOS 350D).

The main changes are two more megapixels (up to ten megapixels), nine-point AF sensor (taken from the Canon EOS 30D) and a dust removal system that includes a facility to vibrate the sensor itself every time the camera is turned on. The status LCD has been removed to make room for a larger 2.5-inch LCD monitor. As a result, the monitor now serves as both the review screen and for status information. The LCD turns on and off when the camera is raised to your eye in an effort to conserve battery and reduced distractions. It uses CF cards for media storage and is powered by NB-2LH rechargeable battery.




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