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Camera industry in Berlin
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Rüdersdorf was a German optical company located in Berlin in the 1920s,[1] which used the trademark Rüo for a number of lenses. The company was founded in Bremen in 1919 or 1920, manufacturing the Rüo-Optik and the Rüo-Tele-Anastigmat, based on work by Hugo Hahn[2] It was floated as the public company Optische Werke AG, Bremen in January 1922 in Bremen. On 3 March 1922 it was renamed Optische Werke Rüdersdorf A.G. and moved to Berlin.[3] The public company ceased production in February 1926 and ceased to exist in 1932. Production of lenses was carried on by Rüo Optik GmbH.[4]

Its lenses are marked "Opt-Werke Rüdersdorf-Berlin". They were distributed in Japan by J Tusashi & Co, Tokyo.[5]

On record are the following lenses:[6]

  • Acomar 18cm f/4.5[7]
  • Caleinar 2.5cm f/2[8]
  • Caleinar 1.8cm f/1.5[9]
  • Paritar 1cm f/1[10]
  • Rüo Anastigmat Rapidor 150mm f/4.5[11]
  • Rüo Dopp[el]-Anastigmat Iricentor 18cm f/6.8[12]
  • Rüo Kino 50mm f/3.5 [13]
  • Rüo Optik (a prism lens)[14]
  • Rüo-Tele-Anastigmat 25cm f/2[15]

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