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Romain Talbot was a wholesale dealer in photographic goods in Berlin, from 1855.[1] At least for some of the period the firm was active, Talbot did not make cameras, but sold them under his own Errtee ('RT' for Romain Talbot) brand. McKeown lists a few folding cameras for plates and roll film, including rebranded Balda and Foth cameras.

There is also the Errtee ferrotype button camera of about 1910, for one-inch ferrotype buttons, incorporating a developing tank.[2][3][4] This has a 60mm f/3.5 or f/4.5 Laack Schnellarbeiter lens.[1] The base of the camera has three processing tanks, the exposed plate drops down the chute. George Eastman House has a wooden (or wood-covered) version, decorated to look like a miniature cannon, complete with wheels.[5] Another street or fairground camera with a Talbot-branded lens, the Velophot for postcard format pictures, also developed in the camera, was sold at auction by Rahn.[6]

Talbot himself died in 1909.[7] Talbot dealt in other goods besides cameras, including motor accessories and bicycles, and the company had an outlet in London.[8][9][10] Talbot (in person and the company after his death) held patents relating to bicycle equipment and other inventions.[11][12][13]

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