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Camera Collectors' News (カメラコレクターズニュース) was a Japanese monthly magazine devoted to classic cameras, published in Nishinomiya by Camera Collectors' News Sha (カメラコレクターズニュース社), and whose first issue was published in July 1977. Its chief editor was Awano Mikio. The main area of interest was cameras from the 1920s to the 1960s, especially Japanese ones. The magazine tended to treat lesser known models, from the 1918 cardboard Adam to the 1956 Zuihō Honor SL, with many items rarely covered in other publications. The magazine ceased its publication after the June 2007 issue.

Each issue has forty pages printed in black and white. The main article accounts for about ten pages and it is also illustrated in the front and back covers. The cover story is sometimes part of a series running for some months. The rest of the magazine consists of shorter articles, often of more anecdotal interest, classifieds and a few advertisements.

Although the periodical has an English title, its content is entirely in Japanese.

Back issues of this monthly are routinely available on Japanese online auction sites, with a recent listing asking 3600 yen for the 12 issue set of 1979. Worldcat, the international library catalog, lists no institutions that have a collection.