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The Rothschloss is a rare camera for 18x24 exposures on 35 mm film, made by Rothgiesser and Schlossmann of Berlin, in about 1930. It is of a curious design. There is a 'viewing' lens above the 'taking' lens, which gives an image on a ground-glass screen, as in any TLR. The viewing lens does not focus though: the camera focuses by a helical control behind the taking lens and shutter unit, so when used in this way, the camera is a pseudo-TLR. However, the notes on a Rothschloss camera sold at Westlicht suggest that it also allows through-the-lens focusing, so that it is in fact an SLR camera.[1] This would require the user to move the ground-glass screen (and its mirror) downward and focus the image from the taking lens on the ground-glass. This adjustment is perhaps done with the knurled wheel on the right side of the camera body.

There is a magnifier for the ground-glass screen; this is not attached to the camera, but consists of a simple round magnifier with a leg, which mounts in a socket next to the viewfinder screen.[2]

The taking lens on most examples seen is a 5 cm f/3 Rothschloss Anastigmat, but some examples have a 5 cm f/2.8 Steinheil Triplar.[2] Either lens is mounted in a dial-set Compur shutter, with speeds 1 - 1/300 second, plus 'B' and 'T', and focusing down to 1.5 metre. The film is loaded in a removable magazine, incorporating the back-plate of the camera (rather like the Pentax 645). There is a frame-counter dial on the left side of the body, which counts to 50.

There is an earlier camera, also marked 'Rothschloss': a simple pseudo-TLR for 4.5x6 cm pictures on 120 (BII) roll film. Only one example of this has been seen.[3] It has a 7 cm f/11 Berlin Super Achromat lens with fixed focus and no aperture control. It appears to have an 'I' and 'B' shutter. The viewfinder is said to be a brilliant finder, in a folding hood.

Rothgiesser and Schlossmann also made film-strip projectors, and held patents relating to these.[4][5]


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