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Sida Gesellschaft für photographische Apparate mbH was a German camera-maker in the 1930s, which also produced its cameras in several other European countries. The company was founded in 1934 by Fritz Kaftanski in Berlin, but because of anti-Jewish laws in Germany at that time, the company was for official purposes owned by his associate Karl Gumpel. The company was sold in 1935.


  • Sida (1936)[1]: metal-bodied viewfinder camera for 25x25-mm images on special, unperforated 35mm roll-film.
  • Sida Standard (1938)[1]: later, metal-bodied version of the Sida; hardly changed.
  • Sida Extra (1938)[1]: later, plastic-bodied version of the Sida.
  • Turf (1938-9)[1]: a bakelite-bodied folder for 4.5x6-cm exposures on special roll-film.
  • Turf Extra (1939)[1]: a new version of the Turf, now for 120 film.
  • Turf 40; a version of the Turf designed for 6x9-cm exposures, but not actually made.[1]


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