Ernst Lorenz

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Camera industry in Berlin
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Ernst Lorenz was a camera maker in Berlin in the 1920s (McKeown also lists a C. Lorenz of Berlin in about 1940, known for just one example of one camera).[1] The Ernst Lorenz firm is itself known for only two cameras, both seen in very small numbers:

  • The Clarissa is a strut-folding camera for 4.5x6 cm plates, with a focal-plane shutter in a wooden body, and always seen with tropical leather bellows.
  • The Nacht Kamera is a copy of the Ermanox, also a hand-held, focal-plane-shutter camera for 4.5x6 plates. This is based on a similar wooden body to that of the Clarissa, but leather-covered, and with a large-aperture lens mounted on a rigid lens-tube in place of the bellows.


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