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Camera industry in Berlin
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Gebrüder H. Bopp (Bopp Brothers) of Berlin is known for only one camera, a compact half-frame 35 mm 'Nachtkamera' of about 1938. The camera has a Rüo Optik 40 mm f/1.5 Caleinar cine lens, focusing to 0.5 metre, and a Compur shutter with speeds to 1/250 second. These are mounted on a rather narrow round-ended body with a metallic finish (the notes at Westlicht describe this as nickel).[1] The camera uses normal, perforated 35 mm film, but this is passed from one cassette on the feed side of the film chamber to another on the uptake side (despite this, the camera has both advance and rewind knobs).[1] There is a frame counter on the top plate, counting to about 40. The camera also has a reverse-Galilean viewfinder. There is a tripod bush on the base.

There is a body cap in the rear of the camera, and the pressure-plate is cut out around the image frame, which would allow the camera to be mounted on a lamp-house, to use its lens for enlarging.[1]

The serial numbers of known examples suggest that very few cameras were made.[1][2][3]

The company is probably the same as F.H. Bopp, a precision engineering workshop making gauges etc. at Cöpernicker Strasse 74, Berlin in about 1900 (and which certainly became 'Gebrüder Bopp').[4] There was also a photographic studio 'Gebrüder Bopp' in Innsbruck in the 19th century, almost certainly unrelated.[5]


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