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The MZ-6 is a autofocus 35mm SLR camera from Pentax introduced in 2001 concurrently with the Pentax MZ-S. It is also known as the ZX-L in the USA. This is the first camera with P-TTL flash introduced by Pentax and the last camera on the MZ/ZX series, being followed by he *ist in 2003.

It uses a electronic vertical traveling metal focal plane shutter with speeds from 30 to 1/4000 of a second. The self-timer is electronic with a delay of approx 12 sec.

Exposure modes include picture mode (portrait, landscape, action, night and closeup), program mode, Av, Tv modes, metered manual mode, bulb and TTL flash. The auto focus has 3 points and spot focus modes in single predictive and manual modes. An AF illuminator is also available for improved low light focusing. The meter has a six segment TTL cell with a range of 0 to 21 EV at (ASA 100, 50mm f/1.4), and can be set for DX-coded film speeds from 25 to 5000 ISO or manual speeds of 6 to 6400. Exposure compensation can be adjusted ± 3 EV at ½ steps. Three shot auto bracketing is also available in ½ EV steps. The built in pop up flash has a GN of 11 and has red eye reduction. The finder uses a matte focusing screen with a 92% field of view and a 0.7x magnification. The motorized film transport is able to travel at up to 2 fps in consecutive mode. It is powered by two CR2 battery.


  • Year of launch: 2002
  • Manufacturer: Pentax
  • Type: single lens reflex camera
  • Lens mount: Pentax KAF2
    • Also accepts KAF, KA, and K-mount lenses; autofocus possible with KA-and K-mount lenses with AF adapter; does not operate power zoom lenses
  • Film type: 35mm film with speeds of 25 to 5000 ISO, with auto DX, 6 to 6400 ISO manual
  • Shutter: Focal plane shutter with speeds from 30 to 1/2000 sec. B, 2 to 1/2000 sec manual. Flash Sync 1/30 to 1/100
  • Metering: silicon photo cell. Six-segment TTL metering coupled with lens and focus info; range: EV 0 to EV 21 (at ISO 100 and f/1.4); exposure compensation selectable, +/-3 EV (1/2 EV steps); AE Lock; f/stops and shutter speeds selectable in half step increments
  • Focusing: autofocus. Focusing System: TTL phase matching three point (wide area) AF; single shot AF with AF Lock and Continuous predictive focus, automatically activated; manual focus with confirmation signal; AF detection range EV -1 to EV 18 (ISO 100 at f/1.4)
  • Viewfinder: Penta-mirror type; 92% field of view; 0.7x magnification; fixed bright matte focusing screen with LED aperture and shutter speed display. Rubber eyecup provided; mechanical blackout type panorama frame
  • Programs: Av, M, P and TV modes - 7 program modes
  • Flash: Built-in, Guide number 11 - slow synch and automatic daylight synch; discharge level automatically adjusted; redeye reduction mode selectable
  • Film Transport Motorized advance up to 2fps and rewind (mid roll rewind possible)
    • Self timer, multi exposure are possible
  • Power: 2x 3v CR2 battery lithium battery or Battery grip FG
  • Dimensions: approx 135.5 × 92 × 63.5mm (5.3x3.6 x2.5")
  • Weight: 395g (13.9 oz)
  • Other: Electronic cable release CS-205 or infrared remote controller (E, F or G); optional Data Back FG


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