Pentax P30n/P3n/P30t

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The Pentax P30n (P3n in US) is a manual-focus 35 mm SLR camera first issued in 1988. It is based on the Pentax P30/P3. It allows aperture-priority auto-exposure, fully programmed auto-exposure, or metered manual exposure. It has a focal-plane shutter with metal blades, travelling vertically, which gives shutter speeds from 1 - 1/1000 second, plus 'B'; the shutter speed is displayed in the viewfinder. This has familiar SLR focusing aids; a central horizontally-split prism rangefinder, and a microprism ring around this. The P30t variant of 1990 has a diagonally-split focusing screen and a plastic film door instead of the horizontally-split screen and metal door of the earlier model.

The camera uses DX codes to set the film speed (this is the only way to set the speed; if film without a DX code is loaded, the camera defaults to ISO 100). There is a window in the film door so that the type of film loaded can be seen.