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The Pentax MZ-10, sold as ZX-10 in the USA, is an autofocus SLR-camera for 35mm film introduced in 1996. It is an early and lower priced model of the MZ/ZX series [1]. It was available in all black or silver/black, with or without data back or panorama function (switching to 13×36 frame format by a mask). Though the bayonet mount of the MZ-10 is made of plastic, it features the full KAF2-mount.

Besides the usual exposure modes like metered manual mode, shutter-priority AE mode and aperture-priority AE mode, the MZ-10 offers 5 picture modes which are optimized program modes for certain situations: green operation mode, portrait program mode, landscape program mode, close-up program mode and action program mode. These modes can be selected manually or automatically by the camera depending on the focal length and focus distance, this function is called smart picture mode. The selected mode is indicated in the viewfinder and on the LCD-panel beside the shutter button.

Lens compatibility:[2] Generally the MZ-10 is intended to use with SMC-F and SMC-FA-lenses. Manual focus K- and SMC-M-lenses and even adapted M42 screwmount lenses (M42 lenses with stopped-down metering, therefore they must be capable to stop down by itself) can be used in manual mode and aperture-priority AE mode, thus no picture modes are available; furthermore the camera switches from six-segment exposure metering to center-weighted metering. Lenses without aperture ring (equal to lenses with aperture ring set to "A") like SMC-FAJ or some SMC-DFA-lenses can be used in aperture-priority AE mode or a picture mode only; it is not possible to set a certain f-stop manually. The MZ-10 offers limited power zoom functions with appropriate SMC-FA zoom lenses, e.g. motorized zooming, but no advanced facilites like image size tracking.

The MZ-10 is intended for amateur photographers, so it shows some deficiencies. It lacks in a DOF-preview, there is no multi exposure function, mirror lock-up, spot metering or dioptric adjustment. The non-interchangeable viewer-screen has no focussing aids like a split-image spot.


Shutter Vertical travelling electronically controlled focal-plane shutter, shutter speeds 30s to 1/2000s, in auto mode stepless, in manual mode in ½-steps, B. Flash sync speed 1/100 s. For remote control proprietary Pentax cable switch F is required
Film speed ISO 25-5000 with DX-coded films, ISO 6-6400 when manually set
Exposure modes Five picture modes, manually or automatically set, shutter-priority AE mode, aperture-priority AE mode, metered manual mode (under/overexposure is indicated by a bar graph in the viewfinder), bulb mode, TTL flash mode
Exposure meter TTL-metering with six segments, metering range from 0 EV to 21 EV at ISO 100. Exposure compensation ±3 EV in 1/3-steps
Autofocus system TTL-phase-matching predictive autofocus system with 3 points, from -1 EV to 18 EV at ISO 100. Focus lock via shutter release button, focus confirm in viewfinder
Film advance Automatically wind and rewind, single or consecutive advance mode with approx. 2 frames/s. Mid-roll rewind.
Viewfinder Field of view: 92%, magnification: ×0.77.Pentamirror
Built-in flash GN 11 at ISO 100, covers angle of view of a 28 mm lens
Self-timer 12 s delay
Batteries Two CR2 3V Lithium batteries. The battery pack FG for four AA-cells is available
Size and weight 135×90.5×62.5mm (W×H×D), 350 g without batteries



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