Pentax KX

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Pentax KX

Maker: Pentax

Dates: 1975–1977

Variants: chrome, black, Motor

Camera Type: 35mm SLR

Focusing: manual

Lens mount: Pentax K

Shutter: Mechanical focal plane, horizontal, rubberized cloth
from 1s to 1/1000

Exposure meter: TTL, open aperture,
center weighted by SPD cells. EV 1–18

Exposure modes: Manual, Bulb

ASA/ISO range: 8 to 6400 ISO

Finder screen: fixed microprism

Flash shoe: fixed hot shoe, contact for dedicated flash

Flash speed: 1/60

TTL Flash: no

Motor drive: Special model MotorKX

Battery: 2 × 1.5V (SR44, LR44 or equivalent)

Weight: 631g w/o lens

Number produced: unknown

Note: This article describes the 1970s KX film SLR; the 2009 digital Pentax K-x is covered in its own entry.

This was the advanced-amateur model of the K series of Pentax bodies. The viewfinder is very informative, with a window to see the aperture, and a needle type lightmeter plus an indication of the selected shutter speed.


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