Pentax KM

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Note: this article describes the 35mm SLR from 1975. For the 2009 DLSR, see Pentax K-m

Pentax offered the Pentax KM as a slightly less expensive alternative to the Pentax KX in 1975. This is the camera the Pentax K1000 should have been, offering depth-of-field preview and a self-timer; two features missing on the wildly popular cheaper model.

The KM was essentially a Pentax Spotmatic F, but with a Pentax K lens mount and slightly revised styling, and ultimately replaced by the Pentax MX.

This camera features a shutter with speeds of 1 to 1/1000s and B. Flash sync speed is at 1/60 of a second. The CdS metering system has a range of 3 to 18 EV (ASA 100). Film speeds can be set from 20 to 3200 ASA. It is powered by a 1.5v silver oxide battery.


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