Ricoh Auto Half

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The original Ricoh Auto Half was made in Japan by Ricoh from c.1960-1963[1], with revised versions appearing through the 1970s. Several styling variations are known. All were 35mm half frame cameras, with clockwork motor film advance for 25 to 30 exposures. The 25mm f2.8 3 groups 4 elements lens was surrounded by the selenium cell operating the exposure metering, setting aperture automatically, with manual override option. Shutter speeds were 1/30 sec. (flash sync., apperture override option) or 1/125 sec. with automatic exposure.

A variation of the Auto Half was also sold by GAF as the Ansco Memo II[1]. Foto-Quelle sold rebranded Auto Half S as Revue Auto Half S.

  • The Auto Half E improved finder.
  • The Auto Half E2 has a center mounted accessory shoe.
  • The Auto Half S has a self-timer, no accessory shoe.
  • The Auto Half SE same as S but seems to have slightly redesigned (simplified) aperture override knob. Appeared in 1967.
  • The Auto Hlaf SE2 added hot shoe to SE.
  • The Auto Half SL with CdS-cell metering appeared in 1970 and has 35 mm F/1.7 lens.
  • The Auto Half EF has a fixed to the body electronic flash.
  • The Auto Hald EF2 has a removable electronic flash.


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